10 N East St #100, Woodland, CA 95776
+1 (530) 666-4277

About Us

O Teriyaki opened in September 2005 as Ono Teriyaki. We are located in Woodland, California. We are half an hour to the west of Sacramento and a ten minute drive from Davis. We started as a Japanese Restaurant and expanded our menu to serve Hawaiian Food. The original owner, Robert Taura was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. He moved to California in April of 2002. After living in paradise for 34 years he decided he needed a change. That’s when he established what we now call, O Teriyaki.

The original founder, was a fourth generation Japanese. His great grandparents came to Hawaii from Japan to work in the sugar cane fields. That’s how it all started. Although he is Japanese, he can’t speak too much of it. Only what he learned in school. He grew up with a Japanese and American influence. Living or visiting Hawaii you have the opportunity to learn many different cultures and foods. This is what he wanted to bring to Woodland. He wanted people to learn about Hawaii, its cultures, and its foods.

Although Robert Taura no longer owns Ono Teriyaki, it is now owned by a local Woodland family who has continued with Robert’s tradition of providing authentic Japanese and Hawaiian cuisine at affordable prices. Please come visit O Teriyaki today.